If You Can’t Smell The Fragrance Don’t Come Into The Garden Of Love. If You’re Unwilling To Undress Don’t Enter Into The Stream Of Truth. Stay Where You Are. Don’t Come Our Way.
– Rumi

In my entire Life I have been able to see and communicate with Source and «The Unseen Divine Forces» like Angels and Masters and to Communicate with Humans “on the other side.” To see and read The Soul as well as the «the false self» and lives of people. My Heightened Sensitivity makes me Equal sensitive to Your Frequencies, Your Energies, Like animals I can see and feel what you Think and Feel. These abilities makes me able to see, read and channel The Luxury and The Elegance of Your Soul Style and what your need to express and how to decorate your Home as well as Your Natural need to Live A Haute Vie. The Essence of Your Divine Self . This is my Life Purpose, My Passion, My Motif Essentiel, my Raison D`être.

ENCIRCLED BY MY HEAVENLY ENTOURAGE SINCE BIRTH made me able to continue to stay open, connected seeing and communicating with Angels, Highly Evolved Beings and Humans “on the other side.”

My abilities as a Psychic Empathic Medium and Clairvoyant is the reason for my Higher Knowingness and High Sensitivity. Everyone sees the Unseen in proportion to the clarity of their own Heart. Every day we slaughter our finest Impulses. Self Realization is about entering the “wild side” of our Divine Authentic Self. Giving ourselves the Direct Experience of Who We Really Are requires a willingness to Listen to the Deepest Longing in our Being for Freedom. We ‘are’ Freedom It Self. We are the Force of The Divine Feminine. Recognizing, allowing and Integrating this Truth is the Beginning of the Transformation of our false self and naturally gives Birth to our own Aliveness and a Life in The Power of True Authentic and Luxurious Living.

In early Childhood we created the false self to survive an upbringing and an environment where we were told not to trust and believe in our own openness, pure knowing and connection to “the other side.” Slowly we started to lose faith in what we knew and suppressed our natural intuition, feelings, sensitivity and sensuality. We were no longer allowed to believe in our own power of sensitivity but instead trust a world built and created form the ‘mind’. We were and told to deny our natural Knowingness about our Eternal Self. Every human being, when they get quiet and allow Silence, become the Ultimate Presence and will Remember this again. We become authentically honest with ourselves and we become capable of uttering profound Truths.

We all come from the same Source. There is no mystery about the origin of All – That – Is. We are all created by the Light and are the Light It Self. We are the Creator and the Creation It Self, we are Oneness It Self and yet a separated Individual and Unique. We only have to open up, discover and remember again who we really are and that that is Presence Here Now. That is when we integrate True Love and unleash our Wild Beauty, our Divine and Natural untamed Nature. When we rise our frequency, the false personality and the old version of us falls away. This can feel like an identity crisis. Everything that is not really you dissolves. If you find yourself in this space, allow this Wild Beauty to be born and know what is being born is what has always been the Truth of Who You Really Are. What always has been Unchangeable and Infinite. The one medicine for everything is to know your True Self. You have to awaken and accept this Radical Truth that you are God Experiencing It Self as You through You. The Great Sickness created by the false self is over, a great burden is set free, a joy is released and what arises within your heart is Tremendous Gratitude to Existence, to the Truth, to Freedom, to Real Love, to the True Power of Your own Divine Splendor – To Life. You are That

Being an Psychic Empathic Medium means I am able to see and feel what other people think and feel, it means I take in and take over other humans feelings and emotions and transform them. It means I am able to see and communicate with those who have gone “over to the other side” but still wants to connect with their loved ones in this Physical Dimension. We do not die, it is impossible, when we leave our physical body we transform back to our natural form. Everything is Energy, Vibrations , Frequencies and are God Consciousness, the Absolute and The Highest Intelligence and Energies can not die only changes form. Everything is created by The Light and Unconditional Love, the most Powerful Force in the entire Existence. You are That. When We Transform from Physical Existence ( die ) and “leave “ our Physical Body we again goes back to our Natural Form, we still have a body but now we are Free and Unlimited.

Being a Medium means I am able to see and communicate with Highly evolved Beings, Angels and receive Messages and information about Who We Really Are. Being Clairvoyant and Highly Sensitive means I can feel energies, vibrations and frequencies like animals. I can see the Past and the Future and read the Information in the messages stored in your Bodily Structures and System. I can reveal the memories when and if required. Absolutely Everything is created out of Love Energy, Light Vibrations and Frequencies which is the Presence of God It Self Expressed. Everything Is Real Life Manifested,because it is Created out of Light, it is Sacred and It is God. You are That. I can not stress enough that when I use The Word God it has Absolutely Nothing to do with any Religions. I have never belonged to any religion, as Brutal as that may sound, it is still the Truth that Every Religion is violent and has caused more death than any war we have ever had. I have no respect for other belief systems and concepts that separate and dehumanize woman, men and children from God and rigidly and ridiculously claim they know what God wants. What we need, what the World needs, what is Vital Now is Radical Awakening and Raising our Consciousness. Nothing else will Change what must Change for us to survive on this Earth. And it Must start with You.

Working with me, requires a profound need for Freedom, an Unconditional Love for The Truth and a deep longing for Liberation from the false life and your own lies about your false self’. What I Am, Who I Am, Is what I use when we work together. Everything I know by my Own Life Experiences, My NDE`s, my Education, my Openness, my Knowingness and my Abilities are the tools I use to help you to reveal what you need to become aware of for your own healing. There is nothing wrong with you, you are not broken, you do not need to be fixed, to be better. You are already, free, perfect and whole. What is vital is to transform your traumas, your unhealed wounds and your false self. Your True Name is God, that is not blasphemy. It is you True Identity.

But I am only able to help you fully when you have entered that place in your Life where nothing else works for you and the familiar has collapsed and you have realized you must break the limitations of your mind and personality created only for the purpose of surviving. When you no longer can stay small and suppress what you already know in your Heart and what is forcing itself to the surface and you no longer can hold back the Freedom that you are. Self Realization means saying Yes to Your Aliveness by Loving your HumanMess so you can know that your entire Human Life has always been Soaked in Unconditional Love all the Time, no matter what. When we believe in our false self we are victims and victims are violent, victims do not love, they always want something. Working with me means You end being a Victim and instead become Empowered by Truth It Self. Without Knowing Your True Self, you only exists, you are dead inside but pretending you are living your life. Working with me means you reveal your own Aliveness and your True Beauty, Your Authenticity, which is A Constant Source to your Untamed and Wild and Divine Self. Fear, restrictions, limitations, old rigidity and control will be replaced with Your Own Empowered and True Identification.




This statement means; Dare to Love yourself and be Loved Unconditionally. It means take the Freedom you are to do so seriously. You are the Divine, the Absolute, the Ultimate Abundance. Living This, Knowing This ‘is’ Abundance IT SELF. It is a Natural Expression, Celebration, where You Deny Yourself Nothing. The ultimate Luxury is about knowing “Who You Really Are’ and the freedom to honour yourself by letting that reflect in all areas in your life. It must be reflected in your home and in everything you surround yourself with. Every room must be filled with the Beauty of all things since the Light is unbroken. You do not need to be a millionaire to have your home look like a millionaire is living there. Being a millionaire is NOT about money … it is about ‘knowing’ Who You Really Are. Everything is about Energy. Let your home be your grandest inspiration to enter Silence. You must let the furniture and how you decorate the rooms express the Silence of your True Being. Let it all speak and remind you of your True Self and let that be Pure Life reflected in everything you surround yourself with in your home. This allows you to experience and express your True Self with how you live your Life and decorate your home. Its all about Awakening your Awareness to the Divine Beauty of your Own Divine Energy and Frequencies to guide and inspire you to create your home with an authentic expression that reflects the way you want to live.

Love Is my Only Source to The Ultimate Truth, Abundance, Balance and Stillness, which is God. When your home is decorated so that you can ‘feel’ this Stillness, then Your Home is your Ultimate Source and your constant Openness and connection to Beauty, Love and Truth … Truth in your own Castle Divine. Living your Life in Great Abundance and in The Grandest Luxurious Expressions is about ending your holding back of Life, because you no longer believe it must be saved. “Let your Home be the House of Lovers” like Rumi so divinely and beautifully speaks in these lines. “Where the walls are made of songs, the Floor Dances and the Music Never Stops”. We have to be fearless when we fall in Love with our Life. When we fall in Love with Beauty IT SELF. We have to Be Fearless with our Love. Cheap Living has no Power in it. True Power is tied to Beauty and Beauty is the Spontaneous Abundance of Creation IT SELF. Have the courage to Live your dream is ‘bull-shit’ told to you to stay small. Courage has blindness and fear in it. Do Not Think You Are ‘taking care of yourself’ by ‘killing your Spirit’ to keep your body Alive. Money Is not the issue and has never been. It is being fearless with your Love. It is about being Generous with your Own Soul Spontaneity. Being Spontaneous will end what you are ‘dying’ to do and instead go for what you truly love to do.

Dear Beloved, Your are Welcome to Connect do you feel this resonates with you and feel in your Heart that you are ready to enter the Freedom You are, to reveal your True Self and to dive deep into your traumas and wounds for an deeper empowerment where real healing will reveal your wholeness, Your True Identity.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this. Love You!

“The feeling you get when entering Esmes appartment, is that of tranquility. A silent elegance pearmeates the air, and you instantly feel at peace. The interior is one of a kind, like taken out of a interior magazine (the expensive kind), and it oozes luxury. From the huge hand-hammered silver buddha greeting you at the door, to the wall mirror in the bedroom, everything is high class, everything beautiful. Even the functional things are really beautiful, and instead of cluttering the room they too contribute to the silence that is deeply felt. Everything is exactly where it fits in, perfectly in its destined place. Bright White, and Brilliant Black, as she lovingly calls it. You cannot really describe it, as silence is truly beyond words, but you feel it when you enter. Welcome Home. Silent Splendor, peace manifest. Timeless. Like old beautiful music, it lives timeless through the ages.”
– Martin Lindgren