The Grand Unknown is Working with me, changing everything about “me” for me in a speed that it actually looks like nothing happens. Yes My Life is unrecognizable, unfamiliar, and with no possibilities to create solutions do I get frustrated and try to change what I have no control over. But I am so stretched, and the contours of my body is vanishing, it holds Eternity, My body holds galaxies, planets and heaven and the milky way in my veins, is has oceans, storms and wild animals in my blood. Wholeness is mine and I am Eternity, Unlimited, Spaciousness, and in a High Speed where I am no longer Predictable yet at the same time Unshakable Like the Grandest Mountains.

Feelings I have never felt before takes me to sacred moments where I see The Light as it really is. Pure God Consciousness is expanding in my entire Being and shatter every limitations in my body. I am constantly being stretched and told it is a must to Breathe everything Wild home again. I am unlimited, even when I have my physical body I see flowers and inhale their fragrance never known in this world. I see everything is pure Consciousness, absolute everything reveals its true nature in front of my eyes, colors, shining and sparkling light expands constant revealing the Creation like never before and it is penetrating me, it is in my bloodstream, my heartbeats and my lungs has always belonged to the ancient continents.

What was the Unknown before is Life unfolding and revealing everything that before was out of sight. I am not a Conscious Woman, I Am Consciousness itself, it is me, myself that see my own Unlimited Nature filled with Magic impossible to describe. I do not do anything about it, just allowing it all to be me, I am unfolding, expanding, integrating, life never known like this when in this physical world. I am so in Love with Life, I do not inhale air, but Love, old forests, lynx’s, panthers, elephants and wild cats, I am Heaven and Earth, suns and moons and stars is inside with the roots of the first tree and the first lovers. I do not do anything about the volcano’s, forest fires, polar ice melting, because the Grand has decided long time ago. For the New World to be born everything that is tired is going home to rest in the Land of the Sacred Sun.

Everything wild has no agenda, freedom is impossible to imprison and working for the Raw has nothing to do with old love affairs. But pure Life Rhythms as powerful as the ancient drumming filling the air over the African Deserts echoing in every new born babies. They are the bringers, the messengers of everything New that is wild and alive. Absolute Everything is Listening, the ground is shaking, the winds is changing directions. The Mountains and the Oceans has made new agreements where everything that before was Silent is now preparing for the Grand Feast, that will change everything for ever. The Light is turned on for everybody to see the Wild Beauty of our true Nature.

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