When Women are no longer in need of love outside them-selves, they become dangerously free and a threat to the established unbalanced masculine power, causing the collapse of the old patriarchal era. Women with no need for approval will walk through doors that have never been opened before. Their Freedom will be like bombs going off, doors and windows touched only by men’s hands will be blown from their hinges. Women with no need for security from men who hate women will no longer feed the hungry demons inside these men. These women no longer have their faces turned to the corner of shame. They have burned down the doghouse and they are no longer barking but stand unshakable in their own hurricane surrounded by fire. They are no longer in their cage of comfort. Women that no longer need to sit on their partners lap for night time stories are impossible to put back to sleep. Their eyes are like shining diamonds, their ears hear the ocean building storms on the other side of the earth, and they sing the birds and the animals home. They call all kinds of mothers with their babies into liberation. Their naked bodies are synchronistic sacred prayers with the flaming sun. When women no longer need to be loved outside themselves because they have grown 10,000 feet high in Unconditional Love for themselves, they no longer bend their backs to kiss the ground for kings and tyrants, but they dance with the universe. Their dresses are no longer too tight and too small to fit a nice, well behaved, polite, silent girl, but are unlimited as heaven and have pockets for the moons and the suns and the stars. The Milky Way is their red carpet. For these women the patriarchy is no longer anything but small boys and girls playing in the sandbox. These women are only availble for The Truth, God, Absolute Freedom and men who are brave enough to enter their storm and the Majestic size of their waves. These women are rare, they are stubborn without shame and they are pushy with their partner because they know exactly how to love themselves. They hold eye contact far longer than normal because they are all in for the untamed and the wild. The authentic and the raw is vital for their Heart that burns clearly of a Higher Knowingness of their True Nature. They embrace their fears of being abandoned. Their skin still has burn-marks and scars from holding the sharp edges of previous partners, but they just embrace those too. These women have no shields. They burned them down long ago when their body remembered the primal roar again. Women who know exactly how to be loved will ask those questions you have been running away from for eons of times, but this time your feet are frozen, nailed to the ground of her Passion. You know there is no way around a woman like that. You know you either run, or you stay and come alive.

When women no longer need to be loved outside themselves they are impossible to tame. The past as starving slaves is no longer known to them. The wolf-hunger has turned to sacred gardens where they lay their bodies in rosewater and the music of Creation takes form with new flowers with new colors and new fragrances have never been known before. These women are no longer a lie to themselves. They are powerful beyond imagination, and the world and all living things can no longer live without them. They no longer live up to the concept and expectations to be a lady. They have stopped being a nice girl. They remember again fully. There are no longer any doubts or insecurities, they just know, oh so well, that they are Women completed, they are God Manifested.

  1. Thank You Thank You. I needed this reflection, in words. It has helped to strengthen my vital force :))) I Love you Ingerid.

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