Absolute everything I Am and have ever been and will always be is Spiritual. My Grand Love belongs to My Beloved Children, Solitude and Deep Silence Where my Oneness with God is beyond Intimacy. I love luxury and holds an everlasting love affair with sophisticated, elegant and opulent interior, expensive perfume, and I am very close to Imelda Marcos extravagance when it comes to shoes, my love is so far only hand made Italian shoes, bags and food, in other words, I love everything where The Light is full and unbroken as my expensive taste that continually expresses the pure Splendor of the Creator Itself. Simply because I love Life, simply because I love myself.

Want to know me, then Ask me if I have come fully Alive and know how to Live. Ask me about The Golden Fire in my Blood. Ask me about The Heartbeats that sends me Into Full Stretch and Into The Edge Of Eternity. Ask me About The Fire in my Womb, my Hips and my Lips. Ask me about my NDE`s who learned me to Live Where The Light Blinded me and The Hurricanes made me leave my safe ground and move to The Top of my Mountains to build a Home for my Birth of a New Life in the Unknown. Ask me about the shattering of my hiding places where I kept my Golden Answers. Ask Me; but Know Fully, my answers will make you loose your way back to Everything you have ever known. Ask me and Know, When I respond you have become Enough and will listen to the urge to lay down in my Arms , I will then have learned You to Listen Fully, ask me about how to find your way Home and I Will Kiss Your Heart and Soul and You will forget Everything about Your Life and Where and Why, because I have then replaced the familiar with The Unknown and the Answers to all Your Questions. I Will Then Leave You Alone, and Without knowing it I have taken your life and Revealed Your Supreme Existence.

I married and divorced my lovers, more often than Elizabeth Taylor and my children says I am the archetype of A Diva and an Interior Nazi. I Am Determent to restore Beauty by telling The Truth and by saying no where there is no. I hate everything that is ugly but I embrace that to, I am free to love myself unconditional. I have spend millennias falling into traps of human darkness like Alice in Wonderland, the irony is that I found myself in Wonderland, and spend equal many millennias unfucking myself, so I could kill and bury and end my inheritance from neurotic motherhood’s past down in all women for aeons of times in the Patriarchal Era so my children could come up and breathe and expand beyond me because I want them to show the world what they are made of, where they come from, and who they really are, but I love them with a heart bigger than Life Itself and the Lion mother in me still comes out and roar if somebody hurt my babies. I am willing come fully alive so they can know what true freedom is.

Being a Wild Woman means being Authentic. The World hungers for Authenticity. I have been Kissed by the Sacred to many times to ignore the depths of my True Self. I have been stretched and slung across Eternity, Expanded into the Great Unknown and it shattered everything that was safe, polished and perfected and familiar. Only the Raw turns me on, the heat of True Passion and raging-burn intensity for Freedom and Authenticity, the absolute willingness to be Broken Open and a no holding back of Our Primal Energies. The Ultimate Truth is unshakable and stands in its own, that means standing unshakable in our own Sovereign Self. Meaning we do not lack anything. My power is radiant and everything from erotic to cash if it is ruled by the old patriarchal is to small for my body and the eternal truth in my bones, my hips, my heart, my lungs, my blood and my womb,. I want eye-contact, soul-contact, raw-contact, wild, pulsating with heartbeats and aliveness. I want it skinless, I want it transparent, I want Yeses like bright sunrays. I have chosen inner rhythms over external pressure so I laugh often and I cry easily, I am vulnerable, highly sensitive, I love deeply always, so my Italy and Rome was my irresistible spontaneous co – creation with Source when Light decided to manifest Everything Beautiful in one place. Io Sono L`Amore,

So I have stopped counting my joys to an God that want me to be obligated to Him like he is the school principal, I AM Joy itself. I have stopped respecting myself, way to many rules, and instead decided to love myself unconditional without doubt, without questioning my Grandness and to Listen deeper like never before to My own Power of Simplicity and Honesty. I never believed in those who said my spiritual purpose was being in service if that meant self-pronounced righteous joy-stifling moralist, I no longer adjust my prosperity to “me”, I have removed “me.” I have dedicated my life to my deepest desires; My Children, Unplugging the Patriarchy, Freedom and Intensive Satsang with people who want it Real; I can only offer deep, raw conversations with everybody that wants to reveal their deepest lies, their shame and fears so their True Self, can be fully Revealed, the ego can not survive in that altitude, those who wants to come fully alive again, and no longer are willing to deny their untamed nature, their heartbeats that beats to a different rhythm and as me, their need to fly high, to soar. I have dedicated my entire life to in every way tell you who you really are by allowing my soul burn and spread like a bush-fire.

I finally allow everything that could reveal my softness also made me became harder to get because of my absolute honesty so I could have more ease in my life. I Am Fluent in Heartbeats and my Achievements Is Roasting Marsh Mellows In Active Volcanoes, I share my own hard moments as well as my weaknesses. I can only share The Real Me, and I know very well I scare away every fake person in my Life. But I know you all are a Major Soul with the most intimate experience with Life Itself, with the most ecstatic Intimacy with your True Self. I am not able to swallow your “perfections”, I do not feel sorry for you , you are the most Intimate Power and you are Here to reveal and have the most Important Relationship you will ever have with Your True Self while in a physical body. I am A Woman of The Highest Magnitude because I share my Life with Dreamers, those who continue Dream Big even when Life has throw them down the mountain top many times, I share my Heart with the originals who do not take no for an answer, I lay my head at the feet of those who choose freedom no matter what and I want to stay totally open and continue have the ability to admit mistakes because that always reveals the Truth and The Freedom that I am, nothing brings me more Beauty and Love for Life than that.

I always go for that, witch is The Highest form for Exclusive, Luxurious Life. I want honesty that will make me shake down to my bones, sometimes I am intense, feels crazy and complicated at others; honest and loyal to a fault, but most of the times I go for my Solitude so I can Love it All and come back to you and tell you over and over again that your cravings for Freedom is God Calling you Home. Almost always do I walk bare feet through Life, cold ice or hot coal I still feel The Earth’s Heartbeats and my messy big hair smells Like Mountains Woods come alive in the Spring sunshine and I dream sometimes far too much, and I know I speak from my Heart probably more than I should, but I must have the resistance sometimes so the Light can be brought up from my dark that has given me my unfathomable depths. I am Messy and Imperfect because sometimes I stay to long in the Mysteries and communicate with The Sacred Invisible Lives of Creation instead of go to bed, but still I rise with the sun and stand solid on my own Terra Firma and I will continue telling you, clearer than a mountain stream what I wants in life, because my wild and free nature Brings me honesty, it brings me the Real and Reveal my Aliveness.

I will continue roar, if I have too, I will continue be soft, open and vulnerable, I am still all that is, not broken, never was, and if I`ll be the last woman on earth letting life it self have its way with me, so be it. I will continue say; bring it. All of it. Believe me when I say I am a brutally soft woman in ways that will blow your ego many times. In Intensive Satsang I really mean it when I go for insulting your ego, I go for using this very rare but very sensitive tool … it is nothing less than Spiritual Alchemy, a Divine Royal practice. Those gifts are rare and those gifts are wrapped in Gold and when allowed Your Light will turn you on like never before and your ego will burn out . There is always True Love in the volume I speak and I always wish everybody the best and I always get my will. But you really have to mean it when you go for that kind of magic. You can only stand in it when you are absolutely rooted into the belief that you’re ‘worthy’. You can only take that kind of super-power that comes with that liberation when you see how screwed up and fucked up you are and take full responsibility for the exclusive shredding of your ego. It can only be successful if you really go for it no matter what. Intensive Satsang will disappoint you deeply if you believe it will be your spiritual escape route out of pain. I can assure you then, you will feel deeply discouraged when you find yourself further down the rabbit hole, that cool equilibrium you read about in numerous scriptures will shatter those illusions brutally and instead take you deeper into more pain that has been suppressed, more grief, more rage and hate that has been denied and judged and instead take you into deeper vulnerability that will open up unlimited space for The Wild,

The raw that untamed nature of the Power of the Divine Feminine and Masculine that will reveal your Wholeness and more of The Holly Everything. Never Have I been given the permission to Tolerate Anything That was Not Authentic. My Untamed Nature Is The Highest Level of Wild Woman. It Is Raw, Authentic And It Is Rising In Women All Over The World. I Do Not Fit Into Anyone’s Comfort Zone, and I never did. It Takes A True Burning Desire For Freedom To Come Into My House. It Takes A Wilder Grace To Enter My Kingdom. My True Self Resides Here. This Is Not A Feminist Fantasy Bullshit Witch Is Cancerous To The True And Mightier Intelligence Of Awakened Women That Have Been Standing In The Fire For Eons Of Dark Nights And Burned Away Every Layer Of Lies From The Collective Consciousness. I Have Earned My Own Eternal Kingdom, because I have dived into The Deepest Darkness, I Have Loved Unconditionally The Most Painful Deaths, I Have Been Slayed Open, And Tore Apart Every Layer Of False Protections And Forced Into A Nakedness Where Total Transparency Is My Raw, Open Divine Power.

If You Listen Deep Enough, You Can Hear My Evolution Before Beginning Of Time. My Vulnerability Is My Integrity and Authentic Womaness, and I am Proud of it. Yes you can hurt me, yes I can feel insecure, afraid, cry and also feel it all from the humans collective consciousness, but oh this Power and Light is the most beautiful oneness of Creation itself. There Is No Aspect Of My Splendor That Will Not Be Represented Here. I Have Been Burnt And Burned Out. I Have Died And Came Alive. I Am Whole and have always been And I Am Back Again. My ‘No`s’ Is Thrown out Like A Wrecking Ball On Fire For Breaking Down The Walls Of Lies All Around. My Vision Is Stronger Than Ever Before And Not Watered Down With Small Insecurities Put On By Old Adopted Patriarchal Concepts From Other Women That Wants Me To Come Back To The Screaming Crows In Their Unmet Dreams Of An Aliveness Dressed As Dead Men To Control Their Wild Nature. My Deepening By My Power Of The Divine Masculine Is Lifting My Divine Feminine Power Into A Future Where My Unconditional Commitment To All That I Am Is Written In Gold.

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  1. Hi Ingerid, I have just listened to you on soulology Todd Medina . Thoroughly enjoyed your words and resonate with your life and time line. In some ways like mine, although different bombs. Thank you for your frankness and authentic banter.

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