How I Became A Woman did`nt happen over the night. I allowed my name be written all over by My Norwegian Winter-storms that integrated itself in my body and shattered all forms of learned politeness, I have always hated over – the – fence – talk – lip service – lukewarm – tea conversations.
I always walk bare – feet and my bedroom window is always wide open so my wind and my mountains fragrance can fill my lungs when I sleep with Her Power that in an instant turn snowy winter-nights to shining summer mornings that woke me up with Her dew on my lips after She Kissed my Awakening. I was born Into the wild Norwegian nature and my Majestic Mountains was my Fathers , and breathed their Power into my body , my lungs and formed my life in the Knowingness of my true being, I was raised by Lynx Mothers and Wild Eagles . So I always have been hard to handle , with wild Lynx blood in my veins, Deer`s walking close to me and eagles babysitting me when I 2 years old the first time I lay on the basement ice – cold concrete floor after severe abuse and my blood was turning black toward the ice – cold floor, I could never shake the feeling of not being alone, I never forgot how it was to come here, and for a woman that push back the world takes the position to try to tear you down, tear you apart, I become A Woman by never shut down or close down or suppress my feelings. I was 16 when I was beaten the last time and the blood was poring down my legs while I was forced to be naked while I was beaten, I learned to become a Woman by ending it all and walked away into the Unknown again. I became a woman by learn all sides of bitterness that ended with breasts cancer, I learned to become a woman by go all the way in every experience so I could finish fully the experience , always curious like a child I always had and must to GO THERE, on the edge until the mission was complete, always Grace in Pressure , always shredding old and past life’s dying rhythms of brilliant Dark Experiences
I didn’t become a Woman by sitting with my scars like medals of a Heroes Journey, I became a Woman by Letting Life tear Me apart so I could Love Me, Love Them, Love my Fears, my Shame and all my shattered illusions so they all could be absorbed by The Light I Am, I became a Woman by constant letting my Heart be broken so it had no more reasons to fear Life. I became a Woman by allowing my deep experiences with Violence not be hard rocks against my vulnerability. I became a woman because I had to be so intimate with Life that there was no separation from its raw moments where there was flames everywhere and I again was surrounded by angels every-time I had to face my own and others demons , my life was sometimes threatened by the seen and unseen so I became a Woman because I pushed back and I walked into the Unknown again. I became a Woman because I trusted the answers I was given by Angels, by Masters that guided me, by smelling and feeling earth changes and frequencies and shakes on the other side of the earth and trust them. I became a Woman because it was impossible for me to fit in so I had to follow the changes and walk the signs and when I was restless witch is my Divine Power never allowed me to forget Who I Am and Why I was Here.
I became a Woman of Massive Resources because I talk with God, My Wind, My Mountains and Everything that is Wild and Untamed, I see dimensions like others see lands and I hear The Divine like engines of an airplane right before it take off. I became a Woman by not be afraid of all that I see, hear, feel, know and are told, higher information’s and The Unknown, I sitt with my bare- feet High and drink my hot cocoa with cream and allow beings visit my Sacred home, those that have their home in non physical realms, I allow them to say what is important , I give them Time and Space, I became a woman by see only God in My Abusers and my Lovers, as equal . I became a Woman because I do not fit in.

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