I do not work with children, because they are never the “problem.” I work for the children by working only with parents, couples and adult individuals. And why this work is vital.
I have to admit, I am so tired of hearing about diagnoses like Asbergers, ADHD, ADD.

I know I detonate a bomb here, I know I hit hard in most parents by rip of their precious delusions and illusions about their parenting methods. Behind every child with diagnoses like this is a dysfunctional parent using their child as a emotional garbage – container.

How can you see your own child, how can you connect with it, when you are disconnected from your true self ? only by healing your “brokenness” can you liberate your children and this is our sacred calling as parents, – finally we got someone to control, someone to fill our emptiness, to mask our false self , finally our children come to complete our uncompleted self, and who are you? Who do you think you are telling me to give up my control? They say.

Parents push back, but I am not asking them to give up control, I am pushing them to do something far more challenging, far more severe. I am telling you to give up your delusion that you have control, that you need control – I am challenging you to give up your superiority – the underbelly of parenting that no ones wants to talk about – our thirst for superiority and our survival of the ego – this is an inconvenient truth, but it is sober – no one wants to hear this, but we have to – we ourselves as parents know oh so well our own loss of the wonder child, the child that had it all, the child open and knowing about our wholeness and oneness with The Great Mystery, with the power and Beauty of Unconditional Love, the oneness with the universe, with authenticity and freedom, abundance and love – only through liberation of our children can we end the cruelty in the world.

Our children are not our vessels to give us the life we never had as children – our children are not the diamond in our jewels we get to adorn our ego and to mask our emptiness – and our children are not your puppets where you can fake an authentic life – children shall not have that burden on their shoulders – our children can not mirror their our beauty and natural abundance and true self when we are in our mental movies, in to much control, in our ego, we are violent towards our selves and our children as long as we are in our ego, we can not connect with their feelings, their longings for us to come home, but instead we are busy demanding them to make us look good, by obey us, obey to our rules, they continue look for themselves in our eyes, but we are not home in ourselves so they more and more look outside themselves and they are then already repeating our false self.

They starts to believe they are our emptiness – our lack, our fears, our smallness and our loud ego keep roaring towards them; ” I want to keep my superiority!” we say, and they have to survive so they have no choice by giving up their truth and their true self – and so did we – the unconsciousness of their parents is the air they breathe . it is everywhere and they will behave based on this and we starts to medicate them, because their behavior is not “normal” they have lost their connection with them selves but as unconscious parents we starts to fix our children, we diagnose them so it is easier for us to continue sleep and our children grow up to be teenagers with desperate need to connect.

I therefore only work with the parents and always, with out no exceptions, because they are, we are carrying a decease called the false self, their history is always a childhood not feeling connected to love, not seen by and felt that their parents was authentic and in their true self, they was violent, in one way or the other, them selves was depressed, neurotic, addictive, angry, even afraid of connect them selves with their true self.

Children never trigger us, it is we ourselves that have emotional lava pouring out constant and the children absorb this and know they are not safe with this mother and father full of unhealed wounds, emotions, history and identification – the holly grail of our parenting, the altar witch we abandon our children is that we say we love them but what we mean is we want them to be perfect so we can feel safe – so we can use them as royal ribbons for our insecurities and our constant fear of not being good enough but we have a choice as parents, eighter keep pretending we need to fix our children because it is something wrong with them or we can wake up, we can use these words, brutal but brilliant, full of love that do not allow you to hide your addictions any more and open our eyes and not blind ourselves from our false self and our own childhood with unconscious and therefore dysfunctional parents – we can take our children’s hands, ask for their forgiveness and start listen to them. Really listen! They always have more to learn us than we can ever learn them.

A New and Revolutionary parenting | awakening is vital and necessary. It is about transforming our own history and identifications brought upon us by parents, culture, traditions and environment.

Children lives in the Eternal Now therefore we must liberate our children by transforming our false self. We as individual adults, parents, couples needs to evolve, it is the only way we can end war, violence, racism and poverty. If not, we continue be violent towards ourselves as well our children as long as we are unconscious and stay ignorant and make our ego and our lies more important than our children’s emotional, physical, spiritual health.

Does not matter if you do not have children, you will always touch children in one way or the other. And when you have realized everything is energy, and energy can never be broken, we are always connected to each others. We all are carrying the biggest disease as long as we continue stay ignorant. The False Self.

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