How dare we as Women believe in ourselves, how dare we as women break free from the old Patriarchal structures.

How dare we rise over and over again with aeons of time with the rigid, religious and political violent war against Women`s Sensuality, Intelligence, Men`s sensitivity and children`s intuition and beauty, love and freedom. How dare we say Enough, Unfuck Ourselves and cut the shackles in the churches, bedrooms, kitchens, marriages, schools and end society’s need for Woman to obey. Nobody wants us to be free. It is to Dangerous to the established Patriarchy Structures, concepts and belief systems where women must be dehumanized and call our wild and enlighten nature for crazy and our sickness.

How dare we shout to the moon, dance barefoot and ride bareback on the lighting of our own soul`s fire. How dare we make others uncomfortable, unloved, unwanted, unsupported because we no longer can hide our authentic nature, we no longer can suppress the Truth, we have to Breathe and be loyal to our wild and untamed God Selves. We have fully and without shame chosen our true, honest and authentic selves instead of living a life based on lies upon lies, a dead life, we no longer choose to be nice, polite, we no longer want to live a life without pulse so others feel comfortable in our presence.

How dare we stop believing we owe others our life, our time, our energy, to look good, and say a crystal clear No to continue let everybody walk over us because that`s what women do?

How dare we choose solitude over brainless parties, how dare we choose our sovereignty over carrying the ignorance of others on our shoulders. How dare no longer stay silent about who we really are, where we come from, what we know, can and without feeling small we now express it all, we dare to love again, ourselves first in every breath of our own Royal Holyness.

How dare we break out of dysfunctional family structures and cause the collapse of the poisoned family lies that have held us imprisoned in the longest blackness in human history.

How dare we transform all our fears, fears for not be loved, not be lovable and therefor causes the collapse of a system that murdered every aspect of our Connectedness with God and everything Created. How dare we say Enough and no longer serve others as the waitresses in the banquet of life. How dare we abandon other women by breaking free from their sisterly support that keeps us all small and loyal to our limitations, smallness, wounds and free ourselves from the same by entering the top of the mountains and breathe fresh air and inhale and integrate our freedom into our hearts, breasts and womb and give the entire life back to ourselves before we share it with others? How dare we come back to the valley happy, free and believing in ourselves and at the same time telling others they can do the same. How dare we be so arrogant that we choose freedom over crawling? How dare we feel joy and celebrate our own and others painful awakening instead of feeling sorry over their dying ego. How dare stop believe in them as victims and instead telling them about their true Power and that they was chosen to this Life?

How dare we tell other women when they are shitty, messy, bad, bad mothers, because oh yes, there are lousy mothers who do not love their children, and do not take responsibility for it? How dare we call them out? When we know we have been that to sometimes, how dare we throw stones in glasshouses? How dare we call out poison and falseness in friends that call themselves sisters of loyalty, but their falseness pour out from their greedy bodies, souls sisters of divine illusions, after all they are going through a bad time in their lives, they are standing in loss, in grief , in an life where every illusion is collapsing, how dare we tell them, they are more than that, that we do not believe in you, your story, that we know who you are, and your falling into darkness is actually rising in the light they are?

How dare we provoke that established Patriarchal, unbalanced masculine in both men and women and say FUCK YOU with all your bullshit, my sensitivity and intuition goes way beyond any intellectual human understanding and cannot and never could breathe in this need for power struggle and control. How dare we no longer fear this witch hunt that has been going on for eons of times and instead believe in ourselves and live happily ever after as free woman filled with so much love and beauty to ourselves, our men and the world that we causes the collapse of everything that no longer serve humanity and the planet, but actually bring light and new life, fresh and full with aliveness into everything created, where conscious women and men raise conscious children and brings balance back to the earth, both individually and globally.

Next time you call me a witch, a bitch, a misfit, crazy and have the need to imprison me again and shut my mouth, I will remind you ~ I have always been here, I have always come to do this, every time you have tried to rape me, molest me, burn me, medicate me, taken my children away from me, I have risen again, my nature is Life, not death, my bones are the evolution of the earth, my body resides in eternity and belongs to the now, my blood in my veins is life force itself, my breath is Love, and my womb is creation itself, That`s why I DARE WITHOUT APOLOGIES. I have been chosen to do so since the Evolution of Men. Next time you call my physic abilities, my highly sensitivity ans my abilities to communicate with Angels, Source and Souls that has passed over, my sickness, my craziness, that I am a Fraud, a lie, or dangerous, I will tell you, I have given you Life Itself, If that is not being God, you need to go and Fuck Yourself.


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