We have moved into dangerous land, because we have moved away from do it right, we have been forced to do it all for real now. The unknown has no landing, there is no ground beneath our feet and nothing to hold on to. We are falling in love with ourselves and with that The God we created in the old energy no longer exists, our old prayers for protection and be safe has no power. We have transformed the God we created in the old era because we must Create The New Era from Unconditional Love for real. Our Hearts has been opened , wide and raw, we are still bleeding but we have become dangerously real. Our certainties is shattered and we no longer is given the power to hold things together. Only The Power of Unconditional Love is revealing the Absolute, The Ultimate Truth about God and We have Her Sun shining in our eyes, blinding us but slowly we learn to see with Her eyes. She is making sure we can live spontaneous and Listen Hard. We had to loose it all to be able to fall apart so She could penetrate us with Her Truth about Our Real Nature.

We have been forced to offend people because we no longer is allowed to apology when we speak the truth. Her destruction of the old is vital for our Sovereignty to be born. She is learning us to not be afraid of the lightning, because our purpose is to reconnect with our natural force of nature. She is Real and She has no opposite. She reminding us, we said Yes to integrate Her Sun so The Extreme Heat is Vital for giving Birth to Her Spirit and Celebrate Life. We had to end the old rituals, prayers and offerings to the moon because we must end our mysterious qualities so we realize it is Real intimacy with all of existence.

Only then could we die into the extraordinary and the Magnificent and know we are God. Our Spiritual Nature is Crystal Clear Sacredness, It is The Space in which everything is revealed, everything is seen, everything is experienced.

We must do it all for Real because we must Be The Ultimate Truth again. The New Era is The Light that has exploded so True Beauty could be born again so that Beauty could Reveal where Our God Self Reign Supreme. We will only follow Her, must follow her because our clarity has been replaced with uncertainty because we must surrender so we can follow our own openness and spontaneity, the Raw power of Truth. Our Aliveness and Wholeness, Our ever present burning is our only scriptures. The questions that once had answers is replaced with raw tenderness and no sign of resolution. Because we must clear everything away so we learn to Love Fully The Horror, the pain, the Shattering of the Old and expand for the space needed for The New Era to Unfold. Everything is said and done. And we knew, when that happened She would arrive, Raw, Intense, and on Fire. Ending everything we knew. We knew Her Rising Again was planned long Time ago. She is in all of us. She is Here. I am Here. We are. We knew that when we chose life over death, we would fall in love with the unknown again. We knew that would makes us remember again, in this Fire of Love, we had already been integrating her New Sun for a while already. We knew when we felt Her Arrival we had been restored to our true Power.

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