I have an ego too, I tell you, you have no idea how brilliant it is when loved unconditional. You have no idea how soft I am until You have felt the Power of my Unconditional Love . Then you will feel my Highly Sensitivity.

I have had an reaction to my posting about an awake women will not entertain your ego. I just have to respond.

I have had Enough of people that worship non – duality to judge my ego and that I take things personal. I am Tired, I tell you. And I have had Enough. And you are Damn Right I have an ego and I definitely take things personal. First of all, let me make this crystal clear once and for all; If we did`nt have an ego nobody would be able to stay here on earth in human form. So our ego is sacred. Period. I have had enough of all attempts from both women and men trying to make women like me that no longer by into the concept of non – duality or resonates with others judging our brilliant ego to shut up. The ego is Sacred and Brilliant when loved fully, embraced and understood. And I am a Woman who Loves. Period.

I love what is and with so much passion that I have broken all my ribs because my Heartbeats had to come out and Breathe and have more space. I have thrown my heart out into the world just so I could take everything personal and discover my powerful and divine and highly sensitivity. Ego? You damn right I have ego, It has given me more human experiences than any other Expressions of the Divine. I know who I am, I know my true nature.

I Love with so much passion that my own Human Mess is more sacred than any Non – Dual Spiritual Righteous Truth Fuckers have ever Loved. Lower Frequencies? You Damn Right there is, but I can assure you they are the most powerful Light in Disguise. They are the most Powerful Divine and Sacred Vibrations revealing Your Absolute Freedom when not denied and mediated away.

You see, a Woman like me have no problems with Human terminology. When you are a woman like me you are not afraid of Loving The Sacredness out of Hell and all Dark, Messy Things.

Everything so called “outside” myself is not a projection of my split mind, never has I not been God, never has anything happened “outside” myself. I had to own everything and therefor I had to take everything personal. Taking Everything personal is Deep and the most Powerful Intimacy with Creation Itself. My True Passion is revealed in this Grand Simplicity. Every time I dived deep into every beliefs of separation , duality, and limitations and embraced it they all revealed the Oneness of I am , the absolute freedom I am. Yes I have reactions, I feel it all, I allow my human feelings be so merged with my True Nature, the power of I am that there is nothing but Pure God Consciousness and Unconditional Love, another word for Freedom. Wilder Beauty. Yes, my ability to take things personal brings me instant into my sensitivity that are so powerful that everything is revealed about my self, Human, Sacred, Divine, Holy, Light, Dark, Pain, Bliss, When everything is embraced there is only God. The Truth has instant shattered me and I am Pure Space for it all to take place.

But the Time is over where continue judge and being judged for our human expressions and feelings. Take it Personal, you are damn right I do, I get pissed when I read and hear those who are not taking things personal and calling my sensitivity my ego, it is not my split mind that react, but my Sacred Oneness with All That Is, It is my Holy and Highly Sensitivity making constant Love with Light itself, It is my Natural and Healthy anger, passion and wilder Beauty that says; Enough Denying The Dark Intuition and The Fire of True Love. I have had Enough, I pay Attention, I Listen and Feel the Heartbeats of The Entire Creation in and on My Body, I Embrace It all, I cry, sometimes I am afraid for my children and sometimes I am afraid, terrified, I can feel a catastrophe coming, I can see past Lives and feel the horror and the abuse in a old Psychiatric Hospital, I can feel your longings, your rage and act it out. I feel because it is not my split mind , because I am not separated from my humanity or your human feelings. I have had Enough of the old unbalanced masculine concepts in both men and women claiming being awake, trying to bang me into the ground for staying in my own solid Terra Firma when My own Spiritual Power, My Divine Nature is as Sacred as my Unfiltered Outbursts witch is in Truth God Almighty Itself just have to say; Fuck , Merde, Hell and Vaffanculo!

I Love with my entire being, my Sacred Ego, my Powerful Heart is involved without shame with This Human Life, I haven never been reduced to be a human outside God no matter how much I have “sinned”, lied, cursed, I say all the time Yes to my egoistic needs, longings, wants, impatiens feelings, I have flipped my finger and thrown kisses to men I have left. I do not fear my ego, judge it or suppress it, my entire spiritual being is in charge in such a way that my entire body sometimes tremble. I Love with so much authenticity, openness and vulnerability that nothing is held back. I say Fuck It to everything and everybody trying to tame me with their half hearted spirituality telling me that as an awaken woman I can not be in my ego and take things personal, because then I am in separation, in duality, I am telling You, Nothing could be further from the Truth. An awaken Woman is Beyond Awaken, She has understood that she is still awakens, expanding Her Consciousness, She is Humble but brutal in Her honesty, I have seen how sacred and holy the human Life and experiences and expressions is, I have also died to know fully how Powerful the the embrace our human feelings is, I have been told how vital for our aliveness sis to dive into our darkest abyss and reveal our belief systems, our old concepts and fears, bring them home into the light by giving them space, feeling them, give them time to burn bright so the clarity of the Truth can be revealed, so our wholeness is seen and understood fully the Force of the Divine Feminine. I have seen how spiritual and sacred the human form, expressions and so called lower frequencies are. I no longer apologize for Who I am, what I am, How I love Myself, my Life, my expressions and for being in my ego, my Ego is Innocent and my Beloved and have no power, non what so ever. But I am the Power of True Love revealing its purpose and its brilliant human nature.

I Love in such a way that I am not in shame when I say that my vibrations, my frequencies want a man that can run after me and catch up and french kiss me and my entire being with such passion that the sacred burst into flames. If not I m equal passionate about my solitude, my life, I either want a man that have no problem showing up in his naked majesty and vulnerability, kiss my neck and his aliveness also includes life in all its fullness or no man at all.

And I love you so much that words can not tell but you will see it in my eyes and feel it in your bones the moment I tell to go and fuck yourself whenever you proudly present your lifeless, fake spirituality. I am a Woman that Loves It all and a lover of what is.

And Yes I take things personal. I have an Ego, It is all God Self expressing Herself through me as me, a Woman in Form, Her aliveness is only seen , felt and experienced through my Human Ego, feelings, expressions and then Love the Heaven out of it all. Take it personal, You damn right I do, I am God. It is my Life, my Creation.

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