To night I feel for honor my self and every woman that has thrown their heart into the world, shown their vulnerability by expressing their naked words. Where they break free from aeons of silence and toxic family secrets, allowing their true power and authenticity be their guru and the truth telling be their divine signature in bright white and golden. These Women are entering the world stage, inviting us all to come closer, a raw intimacy and transparency never lived before. Hard, strong and fierce do they ask for more than you have ever been willing to give. Because they love you. Their love are not vague or romantic but the force of life itself with pulsating desire and aliveness do they destroy every concept, every lie, every labels cast upon them when their divine nature was expressed, and hammered in the human collective as mental illness, chaotic craziness.

These women risk everything for their passion and love for your Freedom and Awakening. Their own family, partners, children has turned their backs to them, closed their doors and tried to shamed they back to silence again.
But these Women has embodied the Creator and the Holy Destroyer. They have called out their own shame and burned it by the fire of life itself so their flesh-and-bone humanity could be seen as it truly is, their Royal Hereness. These women do not breathe air, they breathe their Royal Existence heavier and deeper than anyone into the Core of the Earth. They have been through every Dark layers in Human History and loved it all back to Sacred Life and Light again. They holds the Darkness Of Unknown and Sacred Life Possibilities and the Fire of Creation in their Core because they have known the monumental power in surrender because their purpose from the beginning of time was to infuse Life`s aliveness into in the dry landscapes and they have called out their own shame and loved their shame into manifestation of Heaven into their own Kingdom on Earth for everybody to visit.

They carry their Crown and Royal Regalia seen as pure desire to bring everything wild back into humanity again and they ooze freedom and awareness, authenticity and everything extraordinary and the blazing reality, open, vulnerable, humble, deadly committed, bone breakers giving birth to a New World by the Fire of their Untamed Nature, their Wild Self so they can reveal your Extraordinary. Humanity will not know them fully and who they really are before they no longer can resist their Presence and incapable to deny the Truth they reveal.

When they warn you to come close you are already in their Fire and you no longer have any desire than to burn for the raw existence that have real pulse. You have then fallen deeply and madly in love with the Fire of Your Own Truth. Only then will you know These Women. They have then brought you to your own Fire of True Love for yourself and Humanity.

Tonight I bow to The Essence Of My Magnificent And my True Nature, I Am the Pristine Silence And its Pure Light, I Am the Splendour Of Source Energy. I bow to The Inconvenient Truth teller I am, because that led me into the Perfect Storm so I could remember again fully my Raw and Bone Deep Emotions and Reveal to myself that the reason why I never was satisfied by just being alive, that the reason why I never was able to handle any limitations and lifeless knowledge, why for me, that was never enough. Because My Heart Required my Aliveness and the Highest form of Foolishness that is Holy and Revealed My True Nature God in Form. That told me to stop taking any form for spirituality serious, this Sacred foolishness do not allow me to think things through, and it do not give me time to plan. Only To say what must be said spontaneous, to Express the Truth, The Real, The Raw, the Unimaginable Breath of Splendor that reveals what I must do, what is Urgent because it comes from my Unfiltered, uncut Sacred Knowingness and Where my Pure and Innocent Naivety is Uncensored and Gods Heart.

I honor the reason why I am Here Now, I am Here because my Words must destroy all Definitions and Demands.
I bow and honor to night my self and all Women that has walked Through Fire and Those White Flames that burned everything and forced us to Dance Naked. To be The Women who destroy every Lie so Our Human Body can tolerate The Blazing Sun again, Maturity must have reach the Highest Frequency where this Kind of Passion have been Born out of walking Through the Valley of Every Death and carried with Us Every Corpses into The Light of Liberation and the Heart of Our Wholeness never feared our Humanity. Only those who speak The Truth unshakable knows what Is Said Here. Only They Knows this Grand Foolishness never was absence of God, but the Opposite.

To night I bow for these Women and my self. We all Feel these Women now, making Collapsing of the Old World right in front of our eyes. Exactly what we was meant to do for a long time.

So I bow to my Belly Laughs and Every emotions that my humanity contains, my Ultra Sensitivity, my Holy Foolishness.

To night I bow to The Freedom that I Am and the Power and the Size of my Wings. My Freedom is about being so truly, deeply & madly in love with and attached to my Human and my God Self that I can’t bear – if only for a moment – a life that doesn’t honor it. I bow to my Storms and my Uniqueness. I bow to every wishes and human desires, I bow to my Dreams and everything we as humans have created. I bow to the massive and monumental Love that is Born from everything dark we feared and finally let that Fear be the Awakening we knew was Vital to discover and reveal and manifest New Life.

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