As far as my Norwegian Green – Eyed Fierce but Sincere and Pure – Vanilla – Cayenne – Pepper Soul Vibration goes, which is a Slow- Groove Killer of a Masquerade I used to called My Life, pushed me to unwrap the Rivers in me and move away from dry Lands so I could catch the winds that would reveal my Ecstasy to Merge with The Absolute so I could discover this;
To Forget Everything I have been told about Enlightenment. Enlightenment is Pure Passion, driven by the Essence of Ecstasy of Truth Itself. Enlightenment is a Horrified Death process so the stark Beauty of Authentic Passion for Truth can be Born.

I understood why I always have been driven to go far in my experiences, I had to so I could end my addictions to limitations. Know this, we are all addicted to limitations. I had to feel deeper, see clearer and experience God. The True Power of I am. In that was able to fall in Love without limitations, without holding Back the Spontaneous Aliveness and total Surrender without believing in lies that said I had to be careful and control the outcome. The deeper I have dived the higher I have soared.

I Am The Unshakable Lover of The Ultimate Truth witch is Natural Ecstasy and the Fierce Fragrance of the True Passion Untamed and the Freedom I am. To choose Real Enlightenment I had to surrender on all levels. I had to come fully Alive. Enlightenment didn`t accept my tamed Life. My Fierce and Massive Love for Life Itself was Ecstasy, Spontaneous Expressions of Passionate Love for Truth, I fall always deeply, madly in love with The Fierce Compassionate Sensual Ecstatic Aliveness which mean to feel it all, embrace it all, love it all. Where Life Itself is forcing Oxygen into my Lungs, Heart, blood and bones. I am warning you, If you want to meditate on mediocrity, dull enlightenment is the outcome, because Real Enlightenment can be to Much Life to Take In, because resistance will be shattered instant and Love will make You expand Beyond what you have ever imagined.

Enlightenment is what I am, My True Nature. Enlightenment is Freedom, Allowed to let Unconditional Love Itself Spontaneous be what I express when Love Itself Require It. I am That, The Pure Essence of Ecstasy.

Many Spiritual People comes to a point where their Lives feels good, so they end up there. But That is not Good Enough have you chosen Enlightenment for Real. Enlightenment means Ending everything that feels Good, Enlightenment takes Its Raw Nature and Throw away any attempt to drop Anchor anywhere. Ecstasy is the Power of Silence as well as The Raw Power of I Am.

I have always been, deeply, madly in Love with Truth and that has always meant, always go for the Raw of Every Feeling, Physical or Ethereal. Enlightenment is Love for Life, all – Of – It. Which gives me my own Direct Experience of my God Self via Loving My Human Physical Life, Deeply, Ecstatic, Passionate and Never Hold Back my Feelings that reveals the Essence and what gives me an Instant Recognition of the Power of The I Am. Where I have no Resistance to be Absorbed by My God Self. My Wholeness. My Divine Completeness.

There is no judging in that Love, only fierce Compassion and The Power of Silence. In that Space The Truth is Bringing me the Ultimate, the Absolute, the Pure Aliveness of My Enlighten Nature, where I had said Yes to Experience Embodying Light Itself Fully. Encoded in My DNA was to Fall Deeply in Love with Life Itself, so I could fully know myself as Life Itself, as God, as Freedom Itself and Feel all Of This that Truly Rock My Heart.

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