Fuck Moderation – Moderation is never Enough – It Kills Everything Wild in You, Everything that makes you taste your Soul and feel your Unlimited Nature. Fuck Moderation because that can not hold racing and Raw Conversations where Your Expanding Intimacy will Change the World.

Fuck Moderation because that Kills your Heart Flow of Crystal Clear and Mind Blowing Creativity. Fuck Moderation because that can not hold and therefore can not represent your Breathtaking Magnificent Freedom of Abundance and the True Power of Silence and your Divine Sovereignty.

Fuck Moderation because that has never been able to hold the Flow of Ecstatic Divine Sensuality of your Eternal Being.
Life Itself do not Know Moderation, because it is a Lie, so Fuck It! Fuck Moderation because your True Nature hold the biggest Sacred Yes To All – That – Is, the True Power of your Vulnerability and your Open Heart Beats of Real Knowingness.
Fuck Moderation because that is Blind and Deaf to The Truth and The Abundance that constant has to Flow Through You as You. Fuck Moderation because Real Love has Already taken you to the Wild Side of Itself.

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