Oh My God I am tired of Spiritual People, I am Allergic and almost die of Boredom every time I read Words with no Pulse written by those saying this life is just a Dream, that I am only pure Consciousness and not Here.

My God do I thank God for my Human Life of Fullness and Fire. For The Rawness of being in Fire in a real, alive human Divine Body that without shame Really French Kiss Life. Thank God for my Erotic Aliveness and Freedom filled with Pulsating Moments of Insane Courage and Embarrassing Bravery.

C`mon, People, Give me a Break.

I work for Love Itself and that means I am the Burning Fire that no longer lives by what is spiritual or social correct. I admit, I have had my Gigantic Heart–broken Moments in total Darkness, but my God was the Light Bright when I Loved the Unbelievable Inside that Darkness. I admit I have had my Holy Moments of Shivering Terrified deaths of the Known and thrown into The Grand Unknown only to experience that the Unknown is Me.

I admit I have had Times where I have been shattered and turned inside out and no prayers worked, where I was in the deepest collapse and my fears was roaring and swallowed me whole. I am telling you, nothing, absolute nothing brought me back to the Holy Fire and the Sacred Freedom I am, by Allowing my Human Life become so Real that I Just Loved the Hell out of every dark, flame spitting dragon inside it and made love with it.

Erotic Authenticity can not fake real Life, Without my Human Reality there is no Real Kisses, Spirituality is just Cold Lips touching everything that has no Pulse. My Rawness will never be on sale or replaced with a numbness but fully embrace my Erotic Human Life knowing I am The Burning Aliveness. I am no longer afraid of getting my Heart broken, of getting my life as I know it shattered again and again. I am no longer afraid of living a Real spiritual Human Life. A Life only God can Live.

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