The time of Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed is gone, there is A WHOLE NEW KIND OF POWER BREATHING THE HUMANITY INTO AN AWAKING THAT TERRIFY THE HELL OUT OF EAONS OF DARK OBEDIENCE. It is The Force of Untamed Women that have realized their true identity. They have been in their process of The Grand Awakening for a time now. Waking up and cause collapse of everything that separated humanity from their God self, the Freedom that they are. These women do not identifies them selves as #me too, no they got it, they are not Goddesses or Rising their Divine Feminine Power, they have seen through the bullshit of the Old New Age Spirituality.

No! They Got It, They have been ready to Live the Answers for a long time. They have Embodied God, Fully, they have Integrated Their Humanity and their Wholeness is their Untamed Love for the Entire Existence and they ride Bareback on Truth Itself. They stand Unshakable In their Freedom and are Deep Lovers of Reality, All Of It!

These Women are not victims. These Women are Love Untamed. They have Unleashed their Raw Passion and The Truth and let it loose in Every Dark Corner of the World of Spiritual abuse, Religious abuse, Political abuse, Military abuse, Financial abuse, Sexual abuse, Child abuse. They was never made of the Law of Fear. Their Freedom was Given to destroy everything that tastes Duality, any attempt from Spiritual Gurus to Fear their Grandness and Rise above their Human Vibrations. These Women no Longer tame their Expressions or Experiences but shamelessly make Love with Their Pulsating Aliveness of their Dark Sides and Bring It into the Light, Honour It. These Women have Awaken and Activated their Sexual Power, The Only True Power that Exist and are Now Breaking all the Restrictions and Illusions about their Power of Creations and Expressions. They are Coming back with more Power to Destroy Limitations about Money, Sexuality and Spiritual Shame. They are Breathing New Life Into those they remove the Safety Net from. They Destroy the Illusions and the False Concepts about Twinflames, or Activate Their Higher Dimensions into Their DNA. They Know Everything takes Place inside God, and They know so well, God Self has no vibrational range or layers, try to Rise above or detach from the lower Frequencies. They Know The True Power of Unconditional Love has Included Everything and has taken them Into A Power, A Heaven, A Truth, A Freedom, A Love were No Concepts will or can survive.

Their God Knowingness in their Womb, in their Hips, in their Blood, is The New Rhythms of Life Force itself Expressing Itself through these Women that Know their True Identification. They are Not The Warriors of The Light, They have no Need to go to War, They do not Shine Their Light, They do not, non what so ever, try to become something they are not, Rise above their Human Energies. Their Power goes far beyond any Spiritual or Religious or Political Illusions. They have Integrated It All and said Yes to their Own Sovereignty. Their unshakable Clarity is judged as Anger and a Disillusioned Mind. Nothing Could be further from the Truth. Their pain has run deep through the entire creation for aeons of times, but know they have just been prepared, for the sole reason to reveal to them, when the time was right, their True Identification. Their Pain was their Power of Burning Discipline waiting to Awaken Humanity.

They have had their lives trapped in the corner of shame not knowing where to go, only to learn to Surrender for the fullness of The Deepest Transformation ever taken place, while in a Physical Body. They Understood they was being Prepared to Live the Answers, For the whole existence to Live Through Them. Their smallness had to be Transformed into the Freedom they are, To Transform any shame about their Sexual Power of Creation, to Know and Feel their Holiness as That. Their Sexuality that was twisted for aeons of time by raping their dignity away, murder and molesting their Power by spiritual gurus, religious leaders, teachers, lovers, husbands, to be transformed to pure life force. Everybody is Terrified about their Real Journey that has started. Because they Pay Attention. They are Intimate with All Things, their Dedication to Truth is the Rarest and Purest form of Generosity.

Their Generosity is feared because they intend to Destroy Duality, ask them For Matches and they will start a Wildfire. They have traveled through madness both individually and for humanity, only to find them selves fully and come back to humanity with the Power of Truth, The Light that makes everything Transparent, The Freedom that makes Collapse of Humanities Ignorance, The Clarity that erase all Illusions about Love, About God, About Awakening, About Life, about These Women. These Women have gone through walls of fire the whole fucking patriarchal era just to know they was anchored in the sun the whole time. Their traumas was never small heartaches over shallow conversations, no, they was THE BIRTH OF THEIR WILD NATURE. THEY ARE WOMEN THAT HAS INTEGRATED GOD FULLY. LOVED OR HATED, THEY DO NOT CARE ANYMORE. THEY ARE NOT SURVIVERS OF ANY KIND. THEY ARE LOVE ITSELF UNTAMED.

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