– Joseph Campbell

I Am not a Teacher, I Am A Feeler. I feel you when you are Open to Love or when You are Closed Down to Arrogance.
I feel The Highest Truth or Your Lies behind your masks. I feel Your God Self or Your Need for False Power. I feel Your Deepest Subconsciousness hiding your shame, your manipulations or your deep Grief of Freedom and Joy Suppressed. I feel The Aliveness pouring out of Your Being or your Coldness in your Heart.
I feel you on Every Level, I am an Empath and Highly Sensitive, I feel it All, I assure you, I Feel All of You.
My Psychic abilities and as a Medium is my unbroken Communication with Source via my feelings, Images, seeing, hearing, taste, smelling and my entire body was already given to Source the day I was born to use it For The Highest Good. I can feel if you love fully or I can feel your agenda. I can feel your insecurities beneath your need to control your partner, your children. I can feel your Self hate hiding behind your false compassion and kindness. Your rage and panic behind your false smile. I can feel You long before you feel yourself.
I Feel you, take your sickness and feelings in, I take it over, it becomes Mine and I transform it. I Breathe, I expand, I am Constant God Consciousness centred in Oneness still connected to absolute everything seemingly separated, fragmented in this Physical World yet I see and feel only Light and God. You can either see me as your equal or as your worst enemy, you still has to Love that about me, because we both are God. I express The Truth That you don`t want to hear Verbally, the Only Difference Between Me and You.
God do it Through me or someone else or something else. Anyway, you can never run away from Your God self. I am The Messiah, I Mess You Up. Fun for a while until the false self has no more places to run. Then we begin the real transformation.
Then your Realness birthing Your God self.

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