In vulnerability our masks are removed and we forget who we believe we are, who we try to be, who we think that we are and protect. We allow Love and to Be Loved. Vulnerability is revealing the Love that you ARE and for All That Exists. Vulnerability is openness, it is intimacy without any need to protect yourself. Vulnerability is an enormous strength and power. Vulnerability is total openness and total freedom. Vulnerability is exposing your true Self. It is without any identification, no agenda, it is being totally undressed and it is allowing Grace to shine. In its fullest Grace vulnerability is powerful beyond human concepts but at the same time we stand completely open in our Wholeness, our True Divine Humanity. Vulnerability is exposing all that you ARE. It is one with the entire Creations movement, like the sun is rising and falling, like the moon is half or full, like the stars are in the night sky and its darkness and it is it All. Vulnerability is knowing that nothing can hurt you and therefore feeling all feelings is a Joy like the sky loves the movement of the stars, sun and moon, it is allowing Life in its fullness take place in it.

Vulnerability is absolute freedom and totally allowing it to show its own nature. Vulnerability is not the opposite of weakness, it does not know weakness. Vulnerability is the death of all that is not full and whole. Vulnerability is the new born child fully alive with new life, fully aware that it is resting in God as God It Self and know its eternal protection and perfection.
This is what it means to be undressed by Grace when vulnerability is fully allowed, it about Being Kissed by the Light. That is what this whole transformation humanity is going through is about. We don’t have to shut down ourselves to protect our masks, our masks do not protect us against our vulnerability or against Love, our masks are the illusions that in this transformation is being absorbed into Grace. We can still say enough and still be vulnerable and totally open. In vulnerability there will exist no need to hide because the inner life is way to powerful, to beautiful, to rich, to fresh and alive than our mask ever can give us. And you just want naturally to give when you are vulnerable, because that is when you are Unconditional Love, because that is the natural state of vulnerability, that is the abundance, therefor naturally feeling safe and secure. It is impossible to hold anything back.

You can sit in the same room with your enemy and still Love him or her and allow everything to be as it is and still be totally open and just allow love to do what it has to do through you, as you.

This is the true power of love, of vulnerability.
This is where I see how afraid we all have been to really love each other, being totally open and vulnerable we will know fully what true power of Love is, who God is…. you cannot see the love you are and have for All That is without this openness and vulnerability. This is the magical door to total freedom and abundance through True intimacy and Love. Nothing can escape this intimacy, because this intimacy allows it all in. This is where we shine, this is where we do not pull back, hide or protect. This is the place and the space of life in its fullest expression and seeing that there is no opposite of Love. There exists no judging or separation in vulnerability.
I can see through people’s masks… but when they do not want remove them it is impossible to feel close to them nor bond when our masks becomes the most important protection. I can`t stay in those environments unless I can see and feel the real you.
I can only feel you when your masks are removed and your soul is revealed.

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