Truth is not painful, it is us coming out of the lies that produces this pain.
Our feminine practice is to relax the habitual habits of contraction, of control…to open, to stay awake through it all. Now empowerment is no longer something you do or a state you achieve. It is unrestricted life force rushing through you, wildly, magnificently.

An Awakening Woman Is Enough. She is Intimate Beyond With All Things. Her Royal Rhythms belongs to Holly Rivers, Storms and Sacred Winds. She Flows and Pulsates through All of Creation. She Knows When And How when She Take It. Her Own Time to Destroy what No Longer Serve Balance. She Is Everything and She is Ruthless Authenticity that can Not Be Compromised. She Knows fully who She Is and Who She is meant to Become. She listen only to Those Callings. She Never participate in anything that does not Breathe Freedom.
I Am A Spiritual Woman with no problem and without shame can say Fuck It, Fuck You! Right now My sacred Outburst is Unfiltered and Uncut, I say, Take Those mother – fucker ugly Distorted Moms and Dads that hold their Lies more sacred that their Children. If My Burning words makes you shiver then take Your Enlightenment and fuck it! You just have to love me for my Rawness, I can assure you, it is True Love in that. Maybe you think I should be more Kind, more Nice, more Enlighten. Maybe this sacred Outburst is Unnecessary Roughness , and maybe tomorrow I would agree with you, but not on days where children themselves do not want to live because they are so drugged that they barely can breathe because their Sensitivity are labelled as ADHD, Autism, Asberger or whatever, on those days I am not the Archetype of Mother Mary full of Grace, or maybe on those days I really Am. On those days I ride on my broomstick , on fire and with a Tongue long enough to Lick my own ass. On those days you do not want to screw with me, on those days I am an Volcano and you dont want to know what I am capable to do. Absolute everything I Am, have ever been and will always be, is Spiritual. My Grand Love belongs to My My Beloved Children, to all Children thats why I Unfuck their Parents and my Solitude and Deep Silence Is my Sacred Oneness with God is beyond Intimacy. I love luxury and holds an everlasting love affair with sophisticated, elegant and opulent interior, expensive perfume, and hand made Italian shoes, bags and food, in other words, everything where The Light is full and unbroken as my expensive taste that continually expresses the pure Splendor of the Creator Itself. I married and divorced my lovers, more often than Elizabeth Taylor and my children says I am the archetype of A Diva and an Interior Nazi and that I am Subtle as a cannon. I Am Determent to restore Beauty by telling The Truth and by saying no where there is no. I hate everything that is ugly but I embrace that to, I am free to love myself unconditional. I have spend millenniums falling into traps of human darkness and equal many unfucking myself, so I could kill and bury and end my inheritance from neurotic motherhoods past down in all women for eons of times in the Patriarchal Era so my children could come up and breathe and expand beyond me because I want them to show the world what they are made of, where they come from, and who they really are, but I love them with a heart bigger than Life Itself and the Lion mother in me still comes out and roar if somebody hurt my babies. I am willing come fully alive so they can know what true freedom is.

Cancer learned me to let people feel the weight of who I really am.

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