Unconditional Love is the Unshakable Force and can not be reached through bypassing our human darkness or through any psychedelic drugs, both strengthen our ego and can never open our Hearts fully and reveal our True Power of Freedom. Unconditional Love is not indifferent or weak, it is not false and can never be experienced through our addictions for our need for living in constant bliss or shallow spirituality or new age bullshit. Unconditional Love shatter every concepts or belief systems. Unconditional love shatter all our old spiritual and religious beliefs we must save the world or be in service of humanity. Unconditional Love shatter and slay our sanctimonious religious arrogance. Unconditional Love is Raw, Real, Wild, Unconditional Love is Untamed Truth coming like an avalanche instant when we have ask for awakening.

Unconditional Love has no opposites and know no falseness. Unconditional Love is The Power of I Am. It is True Oneness and know no separation. Integration God Fully can only happen through Unconditional Love for all that is. Unconditional Love is the only Force of Creation and the Creator it self. It is the flapping of the Butterfly wings, the birth of a child and a Mothers Love for that baby . It is the only Force than can move mountains and Continents, destroy a planet or clean the entire world in an instant when humanity must evolve. Unconditional Love has rage and fire it it, and the no`s and yeses asks nobody or nothing for permeation to end what no longer has life or change directions when life itself must expand. Unconditional Love is known, felt fully when a woman gives birth and she has completely lost control over her body because the body has taken over fully the birth of new life.

Unconditional Love is only known by true Lovers, couples that has no need for control but has surrendered fully to the love for each others. Unconditional Love do not love only those who are worthy. Nothing could be further away from The Truth about Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love burns everything that prevent us from true intimacy with Life Itself, it is the absolute power of vulnerability, raw intimacy, wild heart connections and know only honesty, crystal clear knowingness, clarity that reveal every lie and reveal the penetrating Light of Truth Itself that can shatter everything from cancer to instant healing, lift us to the highest ecstasy for you to see that Unconditional Love is who you really is, your true identity. Unconditional Love knows only Unconditional Love. The Unlimited Power we all are soaked in while we experience all – that – Is. Unconditional Love ask you not to trust it, instead make sure you really get your own direct experience of it when your Heart is broken and the shattered pieces is laying on the concrete floor because you have fallen through all layers of your own illusions no longer supported by It.

Unconditional Love has already lifted you and taken you to Her special nurturing garden when all hope is gone because that was necessary for you to discover your own Knowingness that you are That. Unconditional Love makes sure true love knocks on your door when your hungry Heart is exhausted and your house is empty for all your beautiful decorations and furniture. Unconditional Love do not rebuild the new on old foundations but whit The power of its Light of unconditional Love takes you in Its arms like a new born baby and fill every room with golden light that shines and sparkles and music you haven`t heard in a very long time. Unconditional Love is Home.

Never can we experience that through bypassing our human darkness or psychedelic drugs. Or opening our kundalini power or twin flames concepts. All of this is for us to shatter it all. If we haven’t allowed our own darkness been felt, understood and given time , space, unconditional love reveal the highest intelligence in our darkness and surrendered fully our intellectual concepts, nobody knows Unconditional Love. Its Power has nothing to do with our human abilities, walking on water, rituals, affirmations, being nice, polite, kind, in service for humanity or for sure it is not saving our ass. It is so filled with Love that our human ego runs , filled with fear and panic in circles trying to find hiding places when It arrives in our Lives. Unconditional Love is feared, because it is our own Grandness, Aliveness, It is a sure death of our concepts and belief systems we love more dearly than Our True selves.

Unconditional Love ask us, do you really want to stay Here, Be Here, for Real. It will then remove our biggest addiction, our need for bypass our human darkness by seeking for constant bliss.

And we know, do we allow Unconditional Love integrate fully, our lives and our selves as we know it will no longer be spared. Unconditional Love keeps no holy cows, it is Real, Raw Truth and do you really want to experience this Freedom you are, Your True Identification, you must let everything else be replaced with That Yes! Unconditional Love is the Power of our Own sovereignty. that Power of Freedom will change the World. You are Here to serve only Unconditional Love, that will be the example Humanity needs. You no longer stands for anything, you no longer stands against anything, You only stand in your own Divine Sovereignty. All old spiritual concepts about twin flames, soul mates, the right person is vanishing in Unconditional Love. When You Love Unconditional yourself your partner is automatically included, that Power in that relationship is unshakable. You no longer need but you want only to be with that person. Either for the rest of your Life or not. That is not the point. The Point is, you are Unconditional Love, your willingness to love that hard is how much you are willing to “die” for that Love, and come alive.

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