Sometimes I am Turkish Coffee and Krakatau Passionate and my need for Freedom forced me to walk naked in every dark backstreets of my own Ghetto. Just so I could Reveal for Real my Divine Capacity to Love It All. I am a Woman therefor my Nature Is True Passion Without Regret. Without apologies.
In that Passion I continue burn down everything false, hash, hard, primitive and vulgar in those who will come to close.
My Passion is Untamed and so I must stay wild, and Loyal to everything Untamed in me, my conversations is Unfiltered and I have already fallen in Love in times when all I want to do is curl up in my bed and forget the rest of the world exists.

My fierceness has also brought me to my knees and shattered my dignity because I had to face my arrogance and through that reveal my tender and soft heart, the true Power of my Vulnerability and come to my Senses. I was told my insecurities was a good thing, I was more available then, for Source and Angels to communicate with me. Being insecure kept me open and therefore able to stay Unshakable in my Natural Knowingness of The Truth of Who I Am. I Am a Woman that Rules with Love because I am in Love with Love. Nothing makes me Flow with Life more than that. Have fallen in Love with All That Is makes it Flow through me as me without resistance, without judging and without holding back.

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