Beloved, never avoid your own Human Darkness. Never judge your human messy life. Never. I can assure you; It is Really Sacred Treasures and Holy Shining Truths inside your Pitch Dark Moments. I have found the Holy Land on the Wild Side of Unconditional Love. The Illuminating, Radiant and The Breathtaking Beauty of Crystal Raw Burning Clarity in selling my soul for Cold Kisses and when Abandoned my True Self for Safety. I have done it all when it came to try to tame my Wild, Untamed Authentic Nature for cheap and Lifeless Love without Pulse. I have trade my Divine Dignity for Emotional Prostitution and raped my Holy Sensitivity, Used and misused the Life Force of The Divine Feminine by sleeping with Liars and their Hungry Demons inside their Bodies.

I have sold my Soul in many ways for survival and short lived Solutions, but when I stopped it all for Catching my Breath I found the Fierce Liberating Truth inside the Darkest Lies I had keep telling my self when I tried to Silence my Heart and The Power of Creation Itself in my womb.

And When I allowed my self to agree with Those calling me a Liar, a Fraud, a Thief, Immature, Dangerous Impulsive, Unreliable, Spontaneous like I had no Thoughts for tomorrow, I said; Yes You Are Right! I Am That Too. In That, I Found the Power of Transformation and Unconditional Love. I understood what my own Light and the True Power of Vulnerability had tried to Tell me my entire Life. So I surrendered by embracing all that I am and never again defend my Holy Life of an Uniqueness only God has given permeation to live fully and I had Promised to fulfill. I was Absorbed, swallowed Whole By Source and Everything I am was allowed be integrated in my Body.

I was Forced open by This Expansion and I allowed the warm summer breeze make love with my naked body. Undressing myself Completely, I revealed the True Power of The Freedom I Am. This is Vital for all of us, only then can we be available for the Highest Truth be Expressed.

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