My writings are my raw authentic heartbeats with massive love for the freedom I am, you are. I have an enormous passion for your freedom because I know your Aliveness. This Passion can sometimes be expressed together with hot spicy burning cayenne pepper words like fuck and call out the bullshit in us all, including my own, but I can assure you that has nothing to do with anger. I do not judge. Never. But sometimes I have to spit flames when the resistance towards the wild beauty of our own Divine nature is becoming too ugly. I do not make you more comfortable in your lies, no, I do not let you go back to sleep when you have given me your little finger, I take all your lies and throw them against your glass house walls and turn you into something you first think you are not but then it is already too late, the taste of Freedom is to Powerful, too sweet, too scary but it is this scary aliveness I am talking about and suddenly it is too late, your True Self has already taken over. Your Time has running out.

Sometimes my fucks is part of my feisty humor, my passion for The Truth and my Aliveness. You will find my divine sensitivity in these words if you are open. I hold the deepest respect for my Highly Sensitivity and my Self Realization is my Power of real Sensuality, I only bow to that. You are wasting your time if you try to tell me to be polite, calm down or mellow out, too many lives has been wasted in the suppressing of this fire, the graveyards is the biggest creative banks in the entire world. But Oh Yes, sometimes it is anger, but this anger is as holy as your Prayers. Saying Fuck is as Sacred as God I am. Amen. Do not draw that wet blanket of sanctimonious statement over my fire. It will only burn brighter. If you do not like it unfriend me.

And I am not a Lady, never was. I am A Woman, I was Born a Woman, so You will only get my attention when you call Me a Woman, it is not a command or a request or a wish, but a Promise. I have earned every level of being a wild and untamed Woman long before the beginning of Time. I have died many times and come back because of that I have been given carte blanche to be and express myself exactly as I am. I do not fit in any polite conversations, I do not burn for the shallow and I do not play any game of the ones expecting me to be someone they can be comfortable with. I read between your lies. The Divine Force of a Free Woman is nothing you can learn, educate or manipulate your way into. It is a shattering of every concept ever told a Lady must and should be. It is a Nakedness and a Dance without any need to hide or protection. It is a razor blade sharp authenticity and a deep unshakable love for the truth and truth only. Either you invite me or enter my space, if my fucks has offended you, know for sure I have done my job. I have Kissed you and there exists no medicine that can pull out the poison in those Kisses. This poison has already started to shatter everything false in you and you can try run away, but you can not hide.

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