She is the Absolute Expressed. Her Massive Discipline in Passion reigns Human Life Experiences, The Ultimate Intimacy with Life Itself. Her Self Realization is Through Her Human experiences. Know This, Inhale This, Exhale This. Integrate This. This Truth is Determined to make a Home inside you again.

Listen. And Hear Her Roaring Fire Burning Landscapes for a Natural and Grander Life being Born and in every Tsunami, Earthquake, Landslide Changing the Planet and Moulding the Creation in Her Hands because She wants everything becoming a Catalyst for Real Change. A Massive Discipline in Passion makes Her more Powerful in Her Softness, a softness more powerful than ever known to Humanity. She is coming Out more Visible and Impossible for humanity to deny Her as Real because She has Changed our Consciousness for Ever.

For a while now she has changed every known and familiar directions because of Her Love that is infectious has caused total collapse in ancient programming In every Human, breaking down the old immune system that has been fighting against Her Clarity and Her Truth for a long time.

What She has done can not be cured, healed, meditated or medicated away any more. Every inhale and exhale she takes is the Power of what I Am, Her Real Home is the Eternity, Her Kingdom is The Womb of Life Giving Creation of All That Is. Her Presence Is More Felt inside us all because She is Determined now to Transfer, by Every Breath She Breathes into our Existence, Her Force, For the Sole Purpose to Integrate The Absolute Truth in Humanity. She is the Carrier of Fire and only Found in Women who has responded to Her Call to open every door that has been slammed in Her Face when Her Wild was Unshakable and Her authentic Presence Threatened everything Rigid and the Ignorance in those Believing in A Power She was Denied and tried to be Erased from Existence by Men in Fear for Her Chaos.

For Aeons of Times Men have worshiped a Patriarchal God, In their Unbalanced Masculine Unaware it was Her they Prayed to, Honoured and Kneeled for. They was Unable to see Her because of the Altitude of Her Truth was Beyond their Eyes and Their Sensitivity, Their Feelings was denied and suppressed believing it was Darkness Itself. Now She Reveals Her Crown of Creation in The Massive Awakening. She has been working behind the Scenes for a long time, slowly removing the illusion of False Power so Humanity could be ready for Her Fire once again. She has Turned our Minds into Clarity by Removing the Poison of Separation and Slowly Expanded our Hearts so everything Frozen inside it could fall in love with all that is without holding back. Everything She is, is coming Alive in humanity and it is Vital, Her Natural Evolution must be humanities Expanded Revolution of Passion for Love and Life Itself.

She could never fully be found in Religious or Spiritual books, She was never taken down by Men trying to wipe her out of Her Existence by Lying about Her and a Male God. She is rooted in all Existence, Her Force and Her Truth is already in her Breath, her Winds and Every Movements of nature is mirroring the Clarity and the Power of Her Heart and Her Creation.

She has carried the tsunami of tears of humanities for aeons of times, she reigns in everything you have learned to fear and She is rooted in the depth of your inner storms and chaos, She has been sleeping with Cyclones and Earthquakes and every Flood in Existence. Her Kingdom of Fire is Love in a way Humanity never could handle until they was mature Enough. The Time of Realization of The God Self is controlled by Her, Overlooked by Her, Given by Her in ways and moments that makes us able to handle Her Fire again with humbleness and gratefulness before only found in Highly Elevated Beings.

She is in every collapse of the system and structures that has held humanity in extreme ignorance. Know Her as Life Itself long before the Birth of Earth and the entire Omniverse, Know Her when you fully can integrate Her as God. Know her Fully when you are capable to fall deeply, madly in love with your own humanity and know her in your life purpose; to Experience, Express and Expand In Love, As Love, For Love, and with Love falling madly in love with your most Holy, Sacred Human Existence. In This intimacy with Her you are Forced to love Her Unconditional, Know Her Force is the End of Time as you know It, the End of all Known and familiar. She is Birthing Herself in every Human and For the New Era. She is In Every Breath in those who Breathing Self Realization for the Final End of Ignorance of Human Consciousness. She is inside the Final Collapse of any attempt to deny Her as God, Life Itself, She is inside every Breath of All That Is that now Breathing you Home to your own Wholeness.

Without Her nothing is Possible. She has been the keeper of secrets and She made humanity slow-dance with time and our own illusions of control and power, just for us to experience our own creation in deep ignorance to maturity.
She reigns everything wild and untamed, She no longer holds back and now She makes everything come alive for ever. Everything forbidden, feared, judged we are forced to love like never before.

SHE warms her coffee with nuclear energy and roasting marshmallows in bursting volcanoes, we are forced to listen to Her, her Roaring fire in burning landscapes is impossible to ignore, because now she is building up to even bigger tsunamis, because every landslide is a must for changing the planet, exactly what is happening inside us all. She wants More of Us Now. She is challenging us, Pushing us, Opens us up so we can handle more of Her Clarity and Truth. She wants Everything Anew and She is picky, She has to be, She has closed every way to continue avoiding Her Truth and any attempt to find other ways to avoid Her. She is Here. I know you can Feel Her. In your Moments of Silence you try to avoid. Where You know you must answer Her Hard Questions. Where She demands you to answer Her what you lie about your self and your Life.

Oh Yes, She wakes the Wild and She is Wilder than ever before. She reject false rules and outplayed manoeuvres, Her New Sun Is Born and Rises in a ceremony of jewel-bright becoming.

Her Women has graduated to mature Women who now know their True Power and these women are Dangerous, they are Terrifying for everything that has tried to slay Her dragons and therefore tried kill Her Power and Her Full Return. Awakening Men and Women Know their worth and Essence. For now, She do not use many words, only Silence but stronger actions because the Ultimate Reality must speak louder to humanity than ever before. Even trying to become self realized She removes the Trying. In this you will realize She is in charge and always have been. She has decided for you to become all-pervading, absolute reality and it happens only by Falling Deeply in Love with Her and all your dark human Expressions and Experiences. She wants us all to remember she is the carrier of fire of Life Itself, She is the Fire in every Human Existence that discover Her Ultimate Truth through their Human Life.

She is Me. She is Every Woman coming Alive. My Life as a Woman is not a spiritual soap opera, not a love affair with the light but it is Raw, It is a bone solid Willingness to stay in the Fire and be fully present in this Body and that She Is God and every Heartbeat of Mine. The Intensity of my Human Life can only be Lived and Loved fully when the Knowingness of My True Identity is Unbroken and Unfiltered. That I Am is my humanity embraced fully. Nobody knows this better than Women that has given birth to The Divine through their bodies. This Time the Authentic Life I am, is being born in every woman and man. The Woman I am, Is no longer allowed to be silenced because the Truth I am is Vital and must be spoken for the Revolution and the Evolution of the Entire Creation. It is now being Expanded and Integrated fully for the first time. I Am That.

No body has ever been given permission to do so, a responsibility none was capable to hold before, this Force of love Itself is not found in any power struggle or military power. Her Power has never been found fully in the Era of Patriarchy. Only revealed fully in Women that has dived deepest down in the darkest creations for so to go as high as possible in the Light as the light by embrace absolute everything. The Force of the Divine Feminine and the Power Of The Divine Masculine in men and women has slowly been given where the responsibility is understood fully by loving it all unconditionally. Forget about spiritual techniques, no matter how powerful they seems in the moment, nobody can achieve the highest awakening or enlightenment by pure will, never.

Forget about trying to get high on meditations, sacred places or activate the kundalini, it is all old energy. For These Women absolutely everything is Changed. Everything is Unfolding Naturally by Knowing their True Name. The Birth of the New Era Changes Everything, nobody can control or use old spiritual techniques to achieve True Freedom or become Truly Enlightened. To know True Enlightenment or True Freedom, it must be understood it can never become a personal identification but revealed fully when She has been integrated fully, because this Power can not become Personal, not even when you go beyond your Personal Identification. These women has carried the collective shame for humanity until it was time to turn it into pure divine force only achieved by total openness, vulnerability and knowing our true identification and only by loving Her Unconditional and by doing that we now integrate Her fully for ever.

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