Dangerous Women lost their way so many times that they have grown their wings into a Yes Size no man can cut any more and continue tell them those old lies about being small and without their wings is their beauty. They know a conditioned man is no man.

These Women no longer choose a man over their Solitude, The Power of Silence and the Truth of The Majestic Waves of their Soul. Their Monumental Heart House Eternity and their Breath now gives birth to Paradise and a New World. You no longer mess with these women because they no longer believe in your attempt to make them fear your absence and being alone is the same as being unprotected. These Women have no need for protection, they know who they are. They do not fear being alone, their deepening when they are alone is the medicine for humanity, the solutions for the planet and the intimacy with the Creator. They no longer believe you when you try to make them feel ashamed over their need to run wild and free with their wild bears, untamed lions, to howl with their wolfs, their natural seeing into all dimensions and their connection to the heartbeats of the earth and know this, the rumbling of thunder is their roar that goes out to all the animals warning them about the bursting volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes and therefore time to gather around the bonfire on the top of the highest mountain.

The windstorms is playing with their hair and their dresses is made of the strongest threads of flowers with fragrances from rainbows, transparent butterfly wings, white winged stars and the milky way, Their Crown is The New Sun and they worship only what is untamed and original. These Women act quickly because their Holy knowingness is the true nurture and sacred medicine. They know what must to be transformed, living in the power of the unknown and the connection to all life. These Women will reveal the Lies for your Awakening and Expose you to The Light and The Truth that must Burn your arrogance and the proud separation where you believe you are better than what you call an Invisible God. These Woman will show you God in ways you never could imagine.

These Women have healed all relationships through history and are no longer in rebellious mode, because they have transformed their fears from aeons of Times put on them that if they do not obey the rules set by men and women that was brothers and sisters to hate, rage, separation and dark dances, they no longer blame because they have embraced it all and let it come Home to true Beauty, they have embraced the darkness of the patriarchal era and its unbalanced masculine power, Their Power is not found, expressed or created from the Mind of Man or explained by Men of Science, Their True Nature is found in every word written about God and True Love.

These Women have cancelled The Dinner Party for the old Business Worshippers, the invitations is for new friends with flu-like symptoms only. From their House the calling goes out to all Beloveds of The Infinite to Love or Leave their old position’s, that is how deep their Love must cut the ice cold cynicism in the cancer cells of humanity. Every human must open the Heart Centered Membership again to enter The House of Higher Love. These Women is forcing Humanity to go deeper like never before to go Higher like never before. These Women Knows Exactly what they do, they have responded to the calling of the Birth to this World and Other Dimensions and the Birth to The Other Side since the Beginning of Time. They have always stayed true to the True Reality of Love Itself.

They have turned every story into Light and they have no problems integrate the power of their God self and the Divine Light. They no longer listen to the mass thoughts and no longer stay small in the metoo, but instead they are married to Amazement and they are love itself calling back every man and woman and child into new manifestations and births of their true nature.

These women has always come back, when the world and humanity must awaken and the shift in consciousness seems like it is the end of the world and humanity. And the truth is, these women has decided to end the world as humanity know it. Their Hearts and Wombs has carried the new era for a long time, And in their heart there are apple trees with flowers and hummingbirds with wings and colours radiating like the sun. These women are programmed to no longer hold back the radiant truth that must burn every lie in humanity.

They have erased the laws of attractiveness written by fake hands found in holy scriptures, found in brochures of plastic surgery, on walls in fitness rooms, in commercials about how beautiful women must look like and photos in cosmetic magazines, to fit inside the churches, in bedroom, in the kitchens, in schools, offices and government.

Their attractiveness is in their authenticity, in their words of gold, their freedom and Joy, in their honouring of their sensitivity that is connected to all life, these Women are only Guided by the Light and their unshakable power lies in their softness, in their capacity to fall in love with Life no matter what.

Their transparency is sexy, their words of truth is erotic and their sensuality is found in every Clarity of their Highest seeing. These Extraordinary Women is here to call for Extraordinary Awareness, To pay closer attention like never before to our Chaos because we are birthing Higher Love, These women are in love mode and every cynics is unprotected and have no hiding-places. Being sucked into their Storms is a privilege. These Women are Higher Love right Here. Right Now.

These Women are Dangerous because you can no longer not expand in their Presence, it is impossible to manipulate them, their clarity is your personal bonfire, You will either love their company or run away, but you see, they are too many now, you will run into them everywhere.

They have embraced and loved their Chaos, their Darkness has been honoured by the Light, their Lives as Whores, Prostitutes, Thieves has been celebrated and loved more than anything else, because these Women are the Highest Light and only few know Their Massive and Monumental Love for Humanity. Dangerous Women has gone deeper into the darkest experiences to be the Grandest Healers of Humanity they are, to bring Humanity Higher into Light like never before.

These Women are Life Itself here to stay forever and in a continued evolution and expansion. The Death of the old is only more Life Manifested. These Women is this Life Manifested. These Dangerous Women is nothing more than Truth giving Your Life Life.

There will be no second Life after these Women.

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