Unconditional Love rushes in and tell me, it has no opposites, Deny Itself Nothing, because it has no half hearted expressions. Have no feelings that are to much, has nothing against my human thoughts, but it has an intimacy with me that takes me into a soft kiss or an intimacy like bursting volcano that reveals my lies. My need to know it all has already called for collapse of everything I thought was the final truth. This raw intimacy enters my Life in the moment I need the Truth to take over and replace my doubts. When I forgot that my Fragile Time of Securities is Nighttime with authentic Power. When I need to lay my Heart bare in Moments when I want to protect it.

I have played the fool, when I should know better, but I just had to go as deep as possible with my Human Experiences so I could fulfill to the fullest the Glorious Mess as a Woman that cant hold back. My mind said protect yourself, my heart said, you are the power of this life, nothing to be afraid of, Burn, Break, Love it, Crash, Get Shattered, but feel it all when your ground disappear beneath your feet because that is when you find yourself in your natural altitude.

I do not try to master anything, I am beyond that, I am to deep into loving the shit out all of the crazy pulsating beauty in my life and my ability to mess things up, to feel all kind of love that makes me terrified. In the hurt of it all I embrace that too. That’s who I am. My humanity is true Perfection, without The Unconditional Love that I am, It would be nothing at all, my love would mean nothing. I am weak, I am Mighty. I swing hard when life throw the wreaking ball against my tower. I know so well it needed to vanish completely. God has spoken clearly in and about my personal avalanches. Love the Woman you are. Your shame has protected your monumental passion for The whole world to become sober. Now is the Time for your Wreaking Ball to swing in all directions.

The music is silenced and the slow ballroom dance in the House of Ignorance of Humanity has stopped. The Casino of greed has burned down and there is nothing left to save.
Now, a New kind of Music is Turned up, the Beats of the Drums of the New Earth is waking us all Up and The Rhythms wants us to dance like never before on the mountain tops, in the woods, naked and free.

I am Woman that had to admit, I love these New Rhythms, these Drums, activates a fire in us all and Raises the Consciousness to New Levels of Unconditional Love we no longer can avoid, deny, judge, try to escape or hold back.

I am a Woman that have been through fire, burned, abused, being ashamed, and being loved passionately, hurt and being hurt. I laugh and cry, I beg, I give, I hold on, I let loose, I let go, I bring it all back, I make love in the sunsets and shiver of the ice cold kisses I sold my soul to for safety. I have set up traps and sung my song to ensnare men into my bed but the fire burned out to fast and left me naked on the bedroom floor, alone and more vulnerable than ever. I have said no when I longed for the powerful yeses to roar, and I have said Yes when My No of the Great Deaths was me coming alive.

Nothing was ever my style, I have Loved it all more fiercely next time. Without holding back when the Light Penetrated me, I was Born sunburned but ready to change skin.

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